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5-7-Snake hate pigeons

Alice’s Story
Pigeons cried that “snake!”.
“Who snake!” Alice told angrily.

“It’s still a snake!” Now a little without vigor, it was like crying somehow. “It’s hard to just return the egg”
“That’s very sorry.” Alice has been found that the want to say pigeons.

“I made a nest in the highest tree among the forest”
“Wiggling falling coming from the sky! Exactly snake!”

“So, I’ll be saying not a snake!” Alice said and got angry.
“So, What are you!”

“Oh, I girl”
“You should get a little more good lie” Pigeons were in terribly stupid.

You are looking for eggs. So it does not matter as you would a snake it would be a girl!
“I’m not looking for something eggs. Even though if looking for eggs, I do not need something your eggs.”
“So immediately Use it!”
Pigeons also went back to her nest.

Quiz:Solve Alice mystery

You remove three matchsticks. Let the three triangles!
Matchstick Puzzles

The size of the triangle are good to different!
IF the answer is known, let's share!


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