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5-4-Height 8 cm of Alice and Caterpillar

Alice’s Story
Caterpillar was asked that “How much of magnitude better?”
Alice was the reply “The size is no problem. But, it is disgusting that the magnitude changes frequently.”

caterpillar said that “So now you satisfied?”.
“Well, I want to become a little larger. If it is height 8cm, little unbearable”

“It’s quite a good height, it is!” Caterpillar was told as angry. And he stood up straight. (He was just Height 8 cm)

“But I’m not used!”
“Them to get used” caterpillar told. And he also began puffing a water pipe.

Quiz:Solve Alice mystery

To be the correct formula, let’s move the matchstick one.
05-4-Matchstick Puzzles

It is not just numbers to move the bar!
IF the answer is known, let's share!


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