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7-3-Beautiful garden

Alice’s Story
Alice told while go the way of the forest.
“It was the most ridiculous Tea Party!”

When Alice was saying, she noticed a tree that with a door.
“Funny tree. But I’m everything strange today. So try to enter in this.”

Alice will have to wait a long corridor, and nearby there is also a small glass table.
Alice tweet. “Well, I’ll now do better.”

First, take a small golden key, she opened the door of the key that follows the garden. Then she galling mushrooms, was in about 30 centimeters tall. Then, she exit to walk a small passage.

And finally, Alice came to that beautiful garden, she was walking between the dazzling flower beds and cold fountain.

Quiz:Solve Alice mystery

Move the three bars, let’s to three square of the same size!
07-3-Matchstick Puzzles

No Hint!
IF the answer is known, let's share!


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