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2-2-3-Small bottles are printed as “drink”

Alice’s Story
Alice has returned to the place of the table. Then in turn, a small bottle was riding. And at the neck of the bottle comes with a tag of paper.The word “drink” is in there, had been neatly printed in large letters. Alice and “First I’ll take a look just fine. Make sure there that you are writing a poison.”

But the bottle it was not is written as “poison”. So Alice was the tasting. And because it was so delicious, she would drink it all immediately.

Quiz:Solve Alice mystery

Alice was noticed to have also been printed quiz. There are lined key, and they are in the formula. To be the correct formula, let move the key has a number by one.
Matchstick Puzzles

It is not guaranteed to move from number to number.
Move the key of “7” and then the “+”.
IF the answer is known, let's share!


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