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4-4-“Bill” of lizard coming from the chimney

Alice’s Story
Small hand press vehicles have heard the sound of rattling.
“Hey Bill! Put to you chimney!”

Alice thought “Bill is going to come in from the chimney,”.
When Alice is waiting to drop off her feet to the bottom of the chimney, small animals was found that the move at the just above the chimney.
“This is Bill !”
And she put the sharp one shot Keri.

Everyone is simultaneously voice to chorus was first heard.
“Bill has risen!”
Bill was raised kick in like a rocket.

And voice of the rabbit was heard.
“Hey, catch!”

Quiz:Solve Alice mystery

To be the correct formula, let’s move the matchstick two.
04-4-Matchstick Puzzles

To move from “8”!
IF the answer is known, let's share!


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