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5-6-Alice became snake?

Alice’s Story
“Yay, head became freedom!” Alice said, happily. However, it was changed to surprise in an instant. My shoulder is nowhere to be found. Alice is visible, it is very very long neck. It is growing like a vine from the ground.

Alice’s neck bends like a comfortably snake. She bend twist the neck, tried tapping into in the leaves.Then at that time, the sound that sharp is heard, Alice has retracted the face in a hurry. Large pigeon been verge jump to face, she hit the Alice in wings.

Quiz:Solve Alice mystery

Will Alice can answer the quiz, which is the exam from pigeon?
What do you go to the “?” ?

It is a unit!

You converted to grams. “ct” is carat unit.

IF the answer is known, let's share!


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