Aha experience, looking for mistakes, riddle

5-8-Become a height 2cm now

Alice’s Story
Alice was remembered that the have to hand a piece of mushroom. Very careful first to eat one, then the other side…Alice larger or smaller, has returned to eventually usual size.

She became a much decent size It was after a long time, so she was a strange feeling.

“This plan I have achieved half! So is the change wonder! If I go back to the original size, only the following to enter in that beautiful garden. When I said this, I found a small house of about height 120 cm.”

“I do not know who’s lives”

“I’m not afford to come near this magnitude. Because it would scare you to death!”So also eat the right hand of the pieces, but did not close never at home until the height 25cm.

Quiz:Solve Alice mystery

[Yes] Tax, You, Hot
[No] Coin, She, Cold

The uppercase all of alphabet.
When the alphabet in upper case, Word can be in alphabetical symmetrical.
IF the answer is known, let's share!


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