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8-5-Funny Kuroke field

Alice’s Story
“Can you croquet?”
“yes!” Alice said.
“Come on!”

Alice went into the matrix.
“It is a good weather.” White Rabbit was walking next to Alice.
“Yes, Where is the Duchess?”
“The Duchess was sentenced to death.”
“She hit the Queen of side of face.” Rabbit said, Alice laughed Geragera.

Queen was shouting that “getting ready!”. The game is started.
Its Kuroke field is so funny. Ball are live badger, mallets are live flamingos, and soldiers who have made the gate by folding the body.

Quiz:Solve Alice mystery

Move the two bars, Let’s fore square!
08-5-Matchstick Puzzles

Not only the same size.
IF the answer is known, let's share!


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