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6-7-Alice aims to March Hare’s house

Alice’s Story
“By the way, baby happened to?” Cat said.
“She has become a pig”
“I expected it.” The cat was also disappeared

Alice tried to wait a little. She thought cats also appear. But the cat did not appear. Alice began to walk around lives of March Hare. Increasing the eyes, also cat is sitting on a tree branch.

“You told me pig?” Cat says.
“Pig. Please stopped to disappear or appear suddenly”
“Yeah, yeah.”
And now, the cat has disappeared very slowly.

When just walk for a while, March Hare’s house came into view.

Quiz:Solve Alice mystery

Alice was noticed that four of the alphabet has been hidden in the forest. What are the words that can be in the alphabet?

Expression of Cheshire cat.
IF the answer is known, let's share!


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