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4-5-Alice is small to eat cake

Alice’s Story
“I will put the fire to the house.” Rabbit was called. So Alice fullest lifted the voice.
“When you have such a thing, I’ll dare the cat!”

Because soon became quiet, Alice thought.
“Wonder they come doing.”

The next moment, a lot of pebbles is jumped from the window, it was hit on her face. Alice was shouting.
“You’re, it is not allowed if you do ever again!”
Then they also became quiet.

Strangely, stone rolled on the floor had changed all the cake.
“If I eat this cake one, I think always smaller”

Alice began to shrink as soon as try swallowing of one cake, she was a great joy.She is smaller enough to pass through the door, she left the house to run immediately. She was relieved to run fullest, because soon entered the deep forest.

Quiz:Solve Alice mystery

It is no longer visible peeling one character! What is this character?

I wonder if you care to take a picture with your smartphone.
b = byte
kb = kilobyte
mb = megabyte
gb = gigabyte
tb = terabyte
IF the answer is known, let's share!


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