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4-7-She run away from the dog

Alice’s Story
Alice picked up a small bar, she offered it to the dog. Then the dog is barking happily. So Alice threw the stick.Then the dog will chase and ran the bar. When repeat it several times, the dog is closed half the big eyes sitting in the distance.

This is a chance to escape! Alice began to run immediately. Voice barking of the dog was only heard faintly in the distance.

There are a lot of flowers and leaves around the Alice. However, drink or eat something to her increases can not be found.There was as tall mushroom and Alice near. She was thought to watch what is on top of the mushrooms.

Alice was peeping over from the edge of the mushroom. She ended up watching the eyes of big caterpillar.Guy is sitting with his arms folded in the top of the mushroom. And he has smoked quietly long water pipe.

Quiz:Solve Alice mystery

Alice want open up soon new road. The way she run away from the dog, she found the word “NEW DOOR”. If you sort the spell, I thought “I found one another word!”.
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