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6-6-Alice meets the Cheshire Cat in the forest

Alice’s Story
Alice has found a Cheshire cat is sitting on a tree branch. Cat was grinning to see Alice. “It is unlikely a bad cat” Alice thought.

“Please tell me, I’ll be good to go from here to which way.”
“It’s you want to go you have to where.” The cat says.

“Everywhere OK. But I want to arrive is to somewhere.” Said Alice.
“You can get away somewhere if you walk a lot.”

“By the way, Are you do Kuroke?”
“I want to… But I have not yet been invited.”
“So you’ll meet it.” the cat has disappeared.

Quiz:Solve Alice mystery

Move the three bars, let’s to three square of the same size!
06-6-Matchstick Puzzles

Each square apart.
IF the answer is known, let's share!


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