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6-3-The pepper putting too much into soup!

Alice’s Story
Alice said “How do I?”
“Just as you like.” Servant began blowing the mouth Bue.

Door has continued to be a big kitchen. The kitchen was smoke covered.Duchess sat on a tripod chair in the middle, she cradling a baby.Cock bend over on top of the fire, he mixed the soup in a large pot.

“Certainly that soup is too much pepper” Alice herself.

A lot of pepper had too be included in the air. Duchess and the baby has a sneeze.Only cock and big cat is not a sneeze. Cat has grinning about reaching from ear to ear.

Quiz:Solve Alice mystery

Alice was noticed that four of the alphabet has been hidden in the kitchen. What are the words that can be in the alphabet?

What cock is making?
IF the answer is known, let's share!


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