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2-2-4-Alice forget the key

Alice’s Story
Alice said “Wonderland! I shrank like a telescope,” he said. Now, Alice is only 25 centimeters tall. Through that little door, I thought that it became just the right size and to go to that beautiful garden. And Alice was beaming face.

Alice had decided to go to the garden soon. But when Alice try to come to the door, she noticed to have forgotten the key of that little golden.She does not receive hand absolutely even back at the table. Alice can not be tried to climb the legs of the table. She was sitting and has to cry.

Quiz:Solve Alice mystery

Alice panic and forget the key. This time to also solve the mystery began. To be the correct formula, let move the key has a number by one.
Matchstick Puzzles

Let’s move to the same number.
You will change the “3” to “5”.
IF the answer is known, let's share!


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