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2-2-2-Key and a small door

Alice’s Story
Suddenly, Alice came across a small three-legged table. It is made of all hard glass. There are only riding a small golden key. She thinks that “if it ‘do fit into any of the door of the corridor.” But keyhole is too small or too large, does not open none door.When around all round the second time, a low curtain that did not notice was found earlier. And beyond that, there is a small door much height 40 cm. If you put a small golden key into the keyhole, and went into perfect for that happy!

When Alice opens the door, there was a small passage. It is about the size of holes in the rat. When I peek and with the knee, it is a beautiful garden like you’ve never seen. But do not pass even head to the doorway.”I think I can Once you are familiar like a small telescope, knowing even way”. Funny thing because was too happen recently, She began to think “Actually there is little that you can not really”.

Quiz: Aha experience movies

Alice will believe “how can I make sure become small?”.
Oh, around her is changing! Please find three changes to that part.

There is a Partial to increase, disappears part, and part that changes color.
-Change the color of the curtain
-Trump disappears
-Increase grass
IF the answer is known, let's share!


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