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4-1-Help of rabbit

Alice’s Story
That white rabbit came back slowly. But he looked around the neighborhood while troubled. It seems was something lost.
“In trouble! I would have been executed to ensure! Where Did I dropped it?”

Alice thought the rabbit is looking Fan and white gloves. And she even started looking it, but not found anywhere.

Then rabbit was noticed Alice. And he was called in an angry voice.
“Mary Ann, Are you doing here? The back and ran immediately to the house, Come take a glove and a fan!”
Because Alice was very scared rabbit, she began to run toward the point at the rabbit.
She could not be described as “the people is the difference.”

I’ve been doing to eventually clean small house. Named “white rabbit” is had been carved in the door. Alice will enter in without knocking. And She was in a hurry started looking for gloves.

Quiz:Solve Alice mystery

It is in the “Gloves”, but it is not in the “Muffler”.
It is in the “Shoes”, but it is not in the “Prevention”.
It is in the “Earphones”, but it is not in the “Mike”.

How do you use?
To those used in pairs, others are not.
IF the answer is known, let's share!


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