Aha experience, looking for mistakes, riddle

T01-Alice admire in Amanohashidate

Alice came to the north Kyoto of Japan “Amanohashidate”! When viewed from the observatory in upside down, it looks like There is a bridge to heaven. I will instinctively admired very beautiful landscape.

Not only seen from the observation deck, Amanohashidate allows you to explore by bicycle and walking. I also place to eat on the way!

Quiz: Aha experience movies

Alice towards the observatory in the lift.Changing part is there one place.

Location of Amanohashidate

Amanohashidate view land (observatory) : Kyoto Prefecture Miyazu Monju 437

Do not fascinated to Amanohashidate!
Color of the lift changes.
IF the answer is known, let's share!


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