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5-2-Important story of the green caterpillar

Alice’s Story
“Keep back!” Caterpillar was called. “There is important story!”
This is likely to be expected. So Alice is changing the orientation, also came back to there.

“Do not Excellency”

While Caterpillar had steamed the water pipe without saying anything. After a while, he said that it issues a pipe from the mouth. “So, why are you think you have changed?”

“Yes, apparently it is that way. I can not remember a variety of events like a long time ago. And I can not keep the same size!”

“What you can not remember?”
“I tried to recite the” helluva little bee “, but it would be different at all!” Alice replied in a gloomy voice.

Caterpillar said “Recite [Father William took the old] “.
Alice arm in arm, began reciting.

Quiz:Solve Alice mystery

It is in the “Caterpillar”, but it is not in the “Frog”.
It is in the “Dragonfly”, but it is not in the “Lizard”.
It is in the “Sparrow”, but it is not in the “Chicken”.

To grow…
Fly in the sky when they grow
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