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7-2-Rude tea party

Alice’s Story
“What day is today?” Hatter will question to Alice.

Alice told Hatter After a little thought. “4th”
“Is also wrong for two days!” Hatter was sighed.
March Hare will crestfallen look at the clock.

It is very funny clock! You know a few days, but did not know time!
“What is your clock, now is seen a few years?”

“I do not know.” Alice will answer confidently.
“So it silently.” Hatter said.

Alice could not put up with this rudeness. Alice rises in frown the fullest face, and went away to walk.

Quiz:Solve Alice mystery

[Yes]Hour, Meat, Sit
[No] Day, Carrot, Stand

Contains something in the word!
・Hour -> our
・Meat -> me
・Sit -> it
IF the answer is known, let's share!


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