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6-2-The waste even if the knock

Alice’s Story
When Alice peek then, fish servant had gone. The other servant is sitting on the ground near the door. And he has raised looking at the sky. Alice was knocked to go to at the door.

「There is no sense to knock! “The servant said.”Because there are two reasons. First, I’m in this side of the door the same as you. Second, very busy in the house, no one heard something your knock.”Indeed, it seems has become a large uproar is in the house.

Alice said “So, I wonder if I how I should put in the house.”

“If there between the door of us, even if you are knocked, but there may be a sense,” servant said.He does not have bothered to reply to Alice’s question. Still Alice was repeated aloud as “How do I do I put in the house?”.

Quiz:Solve Alice mystery

[Yes] Office, Song, Cat
[No] House, Music, Dog

It is hidden in the word.
Preposition is hiding in the word!
Office -> of
Song -> on
Cat -> at
IF the answer is known, let's share!


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