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12-4-Dream of Alice

Alice’s Story
“It is ridiculous! It is useless to executions ahead!” Alice said in a loud voice.
“Cut her neck!” The Queen cries. But Everyone does not motionless.

Alice is already back to the original size.
“Your just a Trump!”

At the same time, all Trump was stirred up in the air.And it has jumped on top of the Alice. Alice is a little scared, she tried to banish them. Alice turned to the riverside next to and notice, she had put her head on the knee of her sister. And her sister had been banished gently dead leaves that have fallen in the face of Alice.

“Happening Alice! Sleeping a lot!”
“I saw a very strange dream!”
Alice told her sister, the strange events that she experienced.

Quiz:Solve Alice mystery

[Yes] Gold, Tree, Fire
[No] Silver, Flower, Rain
*This quiz contains Japanese.

Let’s conversion into Japanese kanji!
“It contains the day of the week.”
Gold -> 金 -> Friday
Tree -> 木 -> Thursday
Fire -> 火 -> Tuesday
IF the answer is known, let's share!


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