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8-3-Queen become angry and red

Alice’s Story
Matrix has come close to the Alice. And the Queen will listen in severe voice.
“Who are you!”
“My name is Alice, Her Majesty” Alice told very politely.

“So, who are they?”
Queen has pointed to the gardeners who are around the tree roses.Since the face was down, the Queen did not know whether it is the soldier’s or gardener or her child.

“Crying should understand to me. Because it is nothing to do with me.”

Queen becomes red and angry, she glared while the Alice like a beast. And she told her.
“Cut her neck!”

Quiz:Solve Alice mystery

Alice was noticed that five of the alphabet has been hidden in the garden. What are the words that can be in the alphabet?

Emotion of Queen.
IF the answer is known, let's share!


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