Aha experience, looking for mistakes, riddle

8-2-King of Hearts and Queen

Alice’s Story
“Why are you painting the paint to the rose?”

Five and Seven I will look at the two of without saying anything.
Two said in a small voice. “Because, I should have a red rose in here. But we planted white roses mistake. If When the Queen is found, we will be beheaded.”

Five had seen anxiously the other side of the garden has strengthened the voice.
“Queen has come!”
And three gardeners were crawls immediately face down. Footsteps was heard a lot. Alice was turned around because she wanted to see the Queen.

There are many soldiers and courtiers. Alice found a white rabbit. At the end of the matrix, the King and Queen of Heart came. Alice had been waiting for the standing matrix pass.

Quiz:Spot the difference of Alice

The wrong part as Trump has 4.

The attention to the number of mark and color.
IF the answer is known, let's share!


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