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8-7-The King and Cheshire cat

Alice’s Story
“Who are you talking?” King came to Alice. And he was very curiously to look at the head of a cat.
“This is my friends. The Cheshire cat.”

King told that “I do not like the situation. But, forgive the kiss my hand if you want.”
「I don’t want to…」 Cat said.
“It’s impoliteness! And, Don’t look at me with such eyes!”
King was hidden behind the Alice.

King was called on the passing Queen. “Can you managed to this cat?”
The solution of Queen was one. “Cut the neck!” She cried without even look around.

“I bring the beheading officials.” King to say happily, went out in a hurry.

Quiz:Solve Alice mystery

[Yes] 1,3,5,8
[No] 2,4,6
Do you put in either the “7”?

Let’s check the spelling.
“7” to enter the [Yes].
Because “e” to enter the spell.
1 = one
3 = three
5 = five
7 = seven
IF the answer is known, let's share!


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