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2-3-2-Alice fell into the sea of tears

Alice’s Story
Alice picked up the fan and gloves. Because the corridor was very hot, and went on talking while fanning a fan. “Today everything wonder! And though it was usual until yesterday.”

When she look at the hand while thinking about various things, small gloves of rabbit had got addicted to hand. Alice was think “Why I wonder had been able to this?”.

“I also small”

Alice Stood up and went to the place of the table, she tried to aim the height. Then, she is much roughly height 60 cm, and has continued to further shrinkage. Eventually noticed to fan the cause you have to hand, she dropped it in a hurry.

“Come on, And then let’s go to that garden” to say, she came back at full speed with the aim of a small door. But a small door was also closed. And a small golden key is on the table.She slipped when she said, “for the first time became so small!”. And she had been using in salt water until the chin.She first thought it was that “Why do I fell into the sea?”. But she noticed immediately was that the “I in tears of pond cried when I was height 3m”.

Quiz:Spot the difference of Alice

Two images look the same. But not part of the same there are 3.
Where is Let’s find it different!

Something of Alice has disappeared. Let attention to sea level.
  1. has disappeared wrinkles of Alice sleeves
  2. A key to the sea
  3. There is a “A” to sea level


IF the answer is known, let's share!


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