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6-1-Two servants

Alice’s Story
When Alice is looking at the house, servant came running from the forest. And she was knocked by a loud sound.It was another servant also had opened the door, it seems to be a frog with big eyes and a round face.Alice became want to know whether really two people are doing. She was a little out secretly from the forest, and she built the ear to hear.

Fish-servant took out a big letter from under the arm. It is a great letter of much almost the same as their own.And told me while passing it to the other party. “Duchess to. Than the Queen. Invitation to Kuroke.”

Frog servant, told in the same way. “Than the Queen. Invitation to Kuroke. To the Duchess.”
And both of them had a deep bow.

Quiz:Spot the difference of Alice

Two images look the same. But not part of the same there are 4.
Where is Let’s find it different!

Let’s attention to two feet. Two found!
IF the answer is known, let's share!


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