Aha experience, looking for mistakes, riddle

2-3-3-Fall in rats also of Alice tears

Alice’s Story
“It was good unless cry so much!”

Alice tried to leave from there to swim around. “It’s very strange to the drown in my tears! But today, it is because everything strange”

Just then, at a distance a little, something was heard are splash. Where it swam towards the over there, I tried to find out what it is. At first I thought that it must walrus or hippopotamus. But I reminded me of myself has become very small. And it has got addicted to this pond slipped in the same way as myself, I see that a just a rat.

Quiz: Aha experience movies

Photos I find from going more and more changes!

Let attention on the right side of the screen!
Food of rats disappear.
IF the answer is known, let's share!


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