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5-5Alice eat the mushrooms

Alice’s Story
Caterpillar is down from the mushroom, he went into the grass. And at that time, he told me. “Extends height on one side, shrinks height on the opposite side.”

“What is of one side? What is the other side?” Alice thought among the head.
“Mushroom” Caterpillar is told as if Alice aloud now the question.

Alice stretched her hands around fullest of mushroom, she was plucking the end of each mushroom.

First Alice a little nibbled the right hand of the pieces, she tried what happens. Then, she had a great impact on the bottom of the chin. Her jaw was hit on her feet! So soon, she ate the other.

Quiz:Looking thing of Alice

“Has grown a lot of mushrooms!”
“If you look closely, there silhouette caterpillars are several.”
Four silhouettes of caterpillar to find it.

Looking for a part that color is different compared with around!
IF the answer is known, let's share!


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