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2-3-5-Birds and animals will come together in pond

Alice’s Story
Rat was angry because Alice is to talk of the cat. So rat was trying to swim away from the Alice.

So Alice tried calling gently.
“Rat’s, to come back because it give me my place. Because not talk about cats! ”
Mouse heard this, he has been swimming here slowly changing the direction. And rat was said in trembling voice.
“Let’s go to the shore, I’ll have my story. It will be appreciated in it why cats hate”

The pond has been crowded gathered animals. Dodo to duck, child eagle in parakeet, there are other rare creatures. Alice is standing at the beginning, everyone arrived swim to shore.

Quiz:Looking thing of Alice

1.Alice Where is?
2.How many rabbits?
3.How many birds in the sky?

Size, slope is falling apart.
1.Look at the image below
IF the answer is known, let's share!


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