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4-6-Alice encounters a dog in the forest

Alice’s Story
“First, I want to go back to the original size.”
Alice was thinking while wandering the among the forest.

Alice had a peek likely anxiety the trees. Then, she heard a sharp bark. She looked at the top in a hurry.

Huge dog looked down at me, I am trying to touch to Alice in the previous leg.
“If I had let the dog is hungry…”
If so, the dog even coaxed he will eats Alice immediately.

Quiz:Spot the difference of Alice

Alice encounters a dog in the forest. Not part of the same there are 3.
Where is Let’s find it different!

Dog is the same! It is trying to focus on other than.
  1. There are rats!
  2. Short bar
  3. Many grass


IF the answer is known, let's share!


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