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1-3-Steadily falling go Alice

Alice’s Story
Alice was also dive into the hole to chase a rabbit.
But there is a place, such as the deep deep well, Alice went down To steadily.

Whether the well was very deep well, or might have Alice fallen way they were very slowly. Alice was thought to look around while falling. There was a lot of time to think that “I wonder become what the future”.

Quiz:Solve Alice mystery

Alice has a lot time. At first had fallen from the head, but established a system to have fallen from the ass.

It was boring to have a too time, I was thinking this quiz.


– “fall” is “18”
– “Rabbit” is “38”
– “Well” is “35”
In the “Clock” is?

Alice was the direction of what the body?
“clock” is “14”

Initially fell from head, Alice has fallen from the ass.
Plus the alphabet of the order of the first and last character.

· “fall” → “f (6 th)” + “l (12 th)” = “18”
· “clock” → “c (3 rd)” + “k (11 th)” = “14”

IF the answer is known, let's share!


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