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2-2-5-Alice eat a small cake

Alice’s Story
Alice found a box of small glass under the table. When I opened the box, among which contains a very small cake.And, it is written neatly as “eat”. Alice sad “eats”.”If larger, I reach a hand in the key. If smaller, I can pass through from the bottom of the door. So either way I can go to that garden.”

Try a little to eat, Alice told anxiously to myself. And doing hands on top of the head, she will try to ascertain whether she extends anyway.But it was still the same size, so Alice was very surprised. Usually nothing happens to eat the cake. But Alice because it was too accustomed to expect a funny thing, “normal” is seemed really boring.

So Alice continues to eating it, I would eat all the cake.

Quiz: Aha experience movies

Place three to change! This would be easy.

Let attention to stars!
What was written on the cake?
IF the answer is known, let's share!


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